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Desperate Housewives Bingo
Not recommended, try a different Bingo site!
Minimum Deposit:
Just 75 ball bingo plus Keno, Slots, Video Slots, Mini-slots, Video Poker and more.
The current progressive jackpot stands at more than $90,000! A total which comprises several different progressive jackpots which of course means there is plenty progressive jackpot to go round.
Payment methods:

Important: Please note that Desperate Housewives Bingo has shut down and does not accept players any longer!

About Desperate Housewives Bingo
Desperate Housewives Bingo comes from the same stable as the likes of USA Bingo among others, with Bingo Workz (established in 2001) the force behind them.

Desperate Housewives Bingo itself launched in 2006 and while not affiliated with the production network of the show, uses our favorite housewives as their motif.

Over time, as Desperate Housewives Bingo has matured they have increase the number and variety of games on offer, added an “Auto-buy” bingo card function, introduced some imaginative chat games and implemented a weekly newsletter. All together, these feature have fashioned a user-friendly and happy site.

What ought to grasp your attention from the offset are the simply exceptional bonus offers available here. You receive a 250% Bonus on your first deposit, you can also play bingo for free, play with your $30 no-deposit gift or dive straight in and play for real money.

There is an exceptional loyalty scheme here including a refer-a-friend program. Refering-a-friend will allow you the added bonus of receiving a 100% on your friends' first deposit and a further 10% on all future deposits they make subsequently.

And just because Desperate Houswewives bingo know what housewives want; every time you deposit funds into your account you will receive Bonus Bucks; the loyalty bonus grades are as follows:

• $0-$500 rewards you with100% on all deposits
• $501-$1000 rewards you with 150% on all deposits
• $1001-$10,000 rewards you with 200% on all deposits
• $10,001-$25,000 rewards you with 250% on all deposits

Desperate Housewives bingo has a cozy and welcoming way about it; everyone from the support staff to the chat moderators are friendly and swift to help out. There are cash prizes and consolation prizes in abundance and a loyalty scheme that just rocks!

The Games
Desperate Housewives Bingo offers 75 Ball bingo (not 90 ball bingo, or 80 ball bingo). There are 5 rooms in which to explore so if you are a high-roller looking to land one of the big jackpots or if you would simply prefer to play a lower risk game for a smaller stake – then at Desperate Housewives Bingo, there is a room waiting for you.

Bingo Central Room
This is the most popular room – offering a warm and relaxing environment. The automated game runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and lets you chat with other players, or benefit from some of the mini side games like Slots, Blackjack and Keno.

Desperate Lounge Bingo Room
The slogan for this room is “So HOT it’ll melt your mouse!” The adult theme in this room comes loaded with cheeky chat and naughty games making this room by far the sexiest most giggle-some room in the Desperate Housewives Bingo house.

SS Low Max Bingo Room
Sail around the bingo world with Captain Jeeves and pay just 10 cents for some super-value bingo fun and big jackpots available every hour. It goes without saying that the SS Low Max Room is not only fun but also the best value for money.

Blackout Bingo Room
If you like drama, you’ll love the Blackout Bingo room. It’s cash-only in here and every night there are massive jackpots to win. Blackout doesn’t suggest there has been a power-cut, but rather refers to the cards and the pattern you need to make…Blackout!

Fair ‘N Square Bingo Room
Fair n' Square Bingo ensures all players play with exactly the same number of bingo cards for every game so you don’t have to worry about competing against a player who manages to bag all the winnings because she has bought enough bingo cards to last a lifetime. It’s all fair and square in here.

Desperate Housewives bingo also allows you to play using the auto-daub function and will re-shuffle your cards so the best ones sit at the top of the pile. In addition there is a color countdown, which means – as you get closer to calling ‘Bingo’ the colors change; for example, purple means you’re 3 balls away from Bingo, Blue - 2 balls away and red – 1 ball away!

Bonuses & Promotions
The Bonus & Promotions arena is where Desperate Housewives Bingo really shines. From the get-go, they give you $30 so you can try before you buy! Sign up and immediately you get a staggering 250% cash match on your first deposit which usually hits your account within a minute of making your deposit, added to which, is a 50% cash back guarantee, meaning if you don't win anything with your first deposit they'll reimburse you half the sum back. We think that’s incredible.

But it doesn’t end there, re-deposit bonuses apply for as long as you keep depositing. Desperate Housewives bingo will keep matching your deposits (from the first one onwards) up to 300%. And better still, all the while you are accumulating Bonus Bucks.

If for whatever reason you’re still unsure whether you want to play then you can also try before you buy for free. Desperate Housewives Bingo will put 10 Bonus Bucks in your account so you can play and test the waters first.

Additionally, the refer-a-friend scheme is very impressive. You will receive a 100% match on your friends’ first deposit as a welcome bonus. Plus, come birthday time, the Desperate Housewives don’t forget you and you will find birthday Bonus Bucks in your account as a birthday present.

Desperate Housewives Bingo really takes care of its players and the offerings here are plentiful.
Just to recap:

• $30 No Deposit Bonus
• 50% Cash Back Guaranteed on loses incurred after making your first deposit
• 300% Re-Deposit Bonus
• Refer a Friend Program.
• Loyalty Scheme & Bingo

Customer Service
We advise you use the Live! Support Chat function but you can also email management@worldbingonetwork.com

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