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Minimum Deposit:
1st deposit will receive a 200% Bonus plus a 10% member rebate + recieve up to 360% on all other deposits.
75 and 90 Ball Bingo, Video Slots, Slots, Keno, Video Poker and More.
$4.5 million awarded in prizes every month across a number of games and jackpots
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About BingoVille
BingoVille has been around since 2001 so it goes without saying that they really know what they’re doing here. They have a professional specialized team who ensure both the game play and customer service is of a very high quality indeed.

The site itself looks clean and attractive in a very unique way, they have opted for a more pastoral theme that will appeal to both men and women and anyone else who is a little exhausted by the plethora of ‘pink’ sites.

In terms of games available, there is plenty available here any time of day or night and further, you can select a wager level and card price that suits your budget. You can pay to play or chose the free play option. There are bingo games to suit a wide variety of players. Overall, BingoVille is welcoming in a unique way and the moment you click on the homepage you’ll see why. BingoVille also award prizes worth $4.5 million every month across ALL their games.

The chat rooms are cheerful and friendly and are also open all hours offering great prizes of their own. The chat rooms are a great place to meet other players, exchange recipes, discuss the developments of your favourite Soap Opera, check out your horoscope, forward e-cards to your friends and of course, partake in some interesting tittle-tattle.

The Games
BingoVille offers both variants; 75 Ball & 90 Ball Bingo, plus with 300 unique Bingo patterns available, there is no chance of getting bored.
You can chat with other players in the monitored chat rooms whenever you please as they are open 24/7. BingoVille schedule themed chats throughout the day in their chat rooms where you can win prizes for being creative and quick-off-the-mark. For example, from 11pm – midnight, a particular word will be posted in the chat window and the first 3 players to reply by entering another word that rhymes with it wins.

BingoVille have recently implemented a new VIP program which gives additional incentives to active members. Players who qualify to be apart of the VIP program have the opportunity to earn extra bonuses, gain access to private tournaments, the right to participate in a cash-back incentive and stacks more.

There is a winner for each and every game played at BingoVille so don’t miss your chance to win.

Every day has a special game plus lots of other games - see below for the BingoVille Bingo Schedule

Monday - Double Up "D" Day
Double your CASH on Monday's! Bingo on a Double Number on any "D" pattern between 6pm-Midnight In Maxis HOB or the Bubba & Spanky Room and you win Double The Pot in CASH!

Tuesday - First Out Tuesday
Be on the Lookout on Tuesday's for the "Zero" Pattern Playing between 6pm-Midnight in Maxi's HOB for your chance to hit it Big! The next Game's "B" Ball determines your prize so start screaming for B15 for a Cool $150 Pot! $150 in CASH is up for grabs between 8pm-11pm for the winner of our "Wipeout" Game!

Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday
Get Wacky on Wednesday's and win $2,500!
$2,500 Coverall Games run in 50-53 calls between 6pm-Midnight so get your Wackiest Dauber and head to Maxi's HOB to win yourself $2,500! Each game will have a fixed Jackpot of $125!

Thursday - Tic-Tac-Toe
Here's your chance to stack up on some hard CASH -not Bonus Bucks! Win any 3 dedicated Tic-Tac-Toe Patterns and you win a CASH Bonus of $75! Each game has a fixed pot of $75!

Friday - Fortune 500 Club
Join the BingoVille Fortune 500 Club and reap the rewards Today! Bingo on the 5-0-0 patterns between 6pm-Midnight in Maxis HOB and win yourself a CASH Bonus of $75. Each of these games will have a fixed pot of $75!

Saturday - Saturday Night Fever
Dancing Shoes and Lightning Patterns for CASH Bonuses in Maxi's HOB from 6pm-Midnight. $75 Fixed pots all night long! $150 in CASH is up for grabs between 8pm-11pm for the winner of the BingoVille "Wipeout" Game!

Sunday - Oh My Stars
The Stars will be out so watch out for the Horoscope Patterns ($75 Fixed Jackpots) playing in Maxi's HOB from 6pm-Midnight. Win 3 individual patterns during the session for a CASH Bonus of $50 as well as earning a win for your team in our $500 CASH Team Bingo Event. Follow the link to get a place on a team for Sunday! Team Bingo starts at 8pm!

Bonuses & Promotions
Excellent deposit bonuses are available at Bingoville.
•Your 1st deposit will receive a 200% Bonus plus a 10% member rebate
• You can also get up to 360% on all other deposits - see the site for deposit amounts and game play rules
• Earn yourself FREE slots with every deposit you make. Every $50 increment earns you a FREE Slot Seat to play in a number of BingoVille events for cash prizes. You can literally Spin & Win between $100-$500 in cash playing in these events
• In addition, if you deposit a total of $200 before Dec 31st 2009 you will be invited to a 3-Hour $2,500 Bingo FREE Roll.

BingoVille offers a myriad of promotional opportunities teamed with generous jackpots. Bingoville offer a magnificent 200% bonus-bucks option (up to the value of $500) for first depositors and for deposits made on a Thursday. BingoVille frequently schedule Guaranteed Jackpot Games;

Mega Moolah Coverall
Join Maxi in the H.O.B. room each day to get your share of over $2,500+ in Mini & Mega Moolah Coveralls!

$1,000 Mega Moolah Jackpot
Maxi will seed the evening Jackpot with $1,000 and start the ball calls at 48 calls. Each day that it is not won Maxi will add another ball call and $150 to the Jackpot. Once the Jackpot has been won Maxi will reseed the Jackpot at $1,000 and start all over again. Each game has a fixed pot of $125 no matter what call it is won on. Games are played at 8:30pm Monday - Thursday and 3 times a day Friday to Sunday at 8:30pm, 9:30pm and 10:30pm

$250 Mini Moolah Jackpot
Maxi will seed the daytime Jackpot with $250 and start the ball calls at 48 calls. Each day that it is not won Maxi will add another ball call and $75 to the Jackpot. Once the Jackpot has been won Maxi will reseed the Jackpot at $250 and start all over again - each game has a fixed Jackpot of $50 no matter what call it is won on. Games will be played at 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm seven days a week.

You are also advised to take advantage of the Early Bird & Happy Hour specials where bingo tickets are available at half the usual price. There are plenty of BingoVille promotions in action at one time so be sure to consult the News tab for all the up-to-date details.

New members get great rewards by just registering an account. You can also earn 10% cash-back on every monthly deposit at the beginning of the following month.

BingoVille operate a Buddy Program whereby you can earn big bucks by referring friends and family to the site As soon as the person you have referred registers as a new member and starts playing any of the games available on the site for real cash, you will earn 50% of each deposit made by your Bingo Buddy for up to 60 days. Once you have referred 10 depositing players to the site you will receive a $500 cash bonus. To claim your reward, send an email to Charlotte@bingoville.com with a list of your Bingo Buddies’ names.

Customer Service
BingoVille offers 24/7 support. E-mail support@bingoville.com
As a BingoVille member open a Trouble Ticket via their support page.
Toll Free Number - (888) 734-0062

Review by Bingolines.com, Score 7.9 range is between 10 and 0.

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Atmosphere: 8.0
Game Variety: 7.9
Bonus: 8.1
Promotions: 7.5
Support: 8.0

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