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Minimum Deposit:
£5 FREE - No deposit required + 300% first deposit bonus up to £100 + 50% reload bonus up to £125
90 ball, 75 ball, video poker, slots, casino games
Great cash jackpots available
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About BingoCams
Bingocams takes your regular, and even more up-to-date bingo experience offered by other sites that one step further, to the point where you feel like you have really cruised along with the times! While you might be used to the idea of being able to chat with your fellow roomies, you’re not used to actually “seeing” them! Now, with Bingocams, you can actually see your friends while you play, but don’t worry, if you’re the type of gal that doesn’t leave the house without your mascara and lipstick and likes to play bingo in your PJ’s…then you can simply switch that webcam off!

Just like Big Brother which also launched in the Netherlands, Bingocams has been a massive success there too!

You can also see the Chatmasters which opens the whole experience up and has the knack of making you feel more secure.

If bingo is your speed, then there is simply no way you can avoid taking a trip down here and getting yourself involved in the hottest most revolutionary online bingo experience out there. But if you still need more of an incentive than being a part of a new wave of online bingo, then the BingoCams no deposit bonus of £5 should help you take the plunge.

Watch out for the Winning Moment feature, which shows you the weird and wonderful reactions some players have when hitting the jackpot! Those players that react in the most entertaining way will see themselves on site for all players to see. Some of these reactions will have you giggling in to next week!

The Games
So, face-to-face interaction with fellow online bingo fans like you (soon-to-become online bingo friends) is the driving feature, but BingoCams have not skimped on the games or the entertainment.

The games are as good, if not better than your favourite site of the moment. Expect a good solid helping of 90 ball bingo (with 75 ball following shortly) plus video poker, slots & a fair helping of casino games which will just go to show you why, and how, BingoCams have already managed to take the overseas market by storm.

As with many sites now you can easily customize your BingoCams game play experience, anything from listening to the music and/or listening to the callers voice. You can also sort your cards and zoom in and out on your cards.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by collecting your no deposit bonus right now and seeing what all the fuss is about!

Bonuses & Promotions
The opening offer at BingoCams is a £5 no deposit bonus completely FREE! While you may go “Pah!” to this, don’t forget that this freebie will in fact allow you to really begin exploring the BingoCams bingo rooms and the site. And anyway, this offer is followed by a very handsome 200% 1st deposit bonus up to a very generous £50, leaving you a maximum total bonus fund of £105 and £155 to get playing with.

There is also a mystery bonus feature, whereby every time you reach a new BingoCams status level and win a game you earn yourself Status Points. The bonuses begin at £25 up to a massive £3,000. Plus, because this is BingoCams and the stress is on your webcam, extra prizes are available for those of you that provide the best winning moments every month. Again, no need to have a webcam or switch on the one you do have to play live.

Once you’re in the BingoCams lobby you’ll see a Bouncing Bonus icon next to those rooms that have a CM meaning that in these rooms, there are games that come with a promotional bonus. Even if you are playing with only 1 bingo card, are iengaged in a PC with just one (or more) roomies, or if you have your webcam switched on you can be eligible to win the bonus!

Customer Service
The BingoCams help desk “FAQ” tab can sort most your queries otherwise there is help available to you via the chat hosts via the web form. Otherwise email: support@bingocams.co.uk

Review by Bingolines.com, Score 8.9 range is between 10 and 0.

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Atmosphere: 10.0
Game Variety: 8.0
Bonus: 8.5
Promotions: 8.0
Support: 8.0

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