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Bingocams commission The Celebration Report


How long have we heard the same moans and groans about “the current economic climate” – it feels like years already (it has been) and if you’re as sick of it as we are here at Bingolines HQ then read on!

According to the Celebration Report commissioned by our lovely peeps at BingoCams it seems all this misery is creating “a psychological recession in Britain today”.

What exactly does that mean? Well their research has revealed that 71% of us want to celebrate our life more than we do, with those from the ages of 18-24 feeling most like they have little to celebrate. How terrible is that Ladies…that “youth is wasted on the young” (as the old adage goes) has never been truer than it is here!

BingoCams have commissioned the study in partnership with that lovely TV-celeb Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos – who looks like she could be in a shampoo commercial! YouGov conducted the study using 4,000 respondents. It closely looks at the function of “celebration” in our everyday lives and the psychological element behind our approach to “celebration”.

The findings are interesting to say the least:

• 7 out of 10 respondents believe that having things to smile about is more important now than it was before
• 57% of the British public agree that those who manage to really manage to go all out and let their hair down during celebrations are people who have the most fun in their lives
• 64% of people would like to return to the goodness of days of old, when life was simpler, celebrations more community-focused
• 78% believe spending time with those nearest and dearest is now more important

Dr Linda tells us that spending time celebrating with those important peeps around us: has a positive effect that goes beyond just the community but also has a seriously positive effect on our mental health. Which is why the following statistics are so shocking.

• 30% of those aged between18-24 (the golden years of my life!) now feel they don’t have much cause to celebrate. Which might be something to do with the fact that 56% of the 18-24 age group are actually finding it hard to find fun things to do in their free time.

Being in good spirits and celebrating has positive affect our all-important psychological health so it’s no surprise that 57% of us believe that those people who manage to celebrate more, let go and feast in the revelry lead happier more fulfilling lives which has a knock on effect on better physical health

Something to discuss over dinner

•If you’re a man (which you probably aren’t if you’re reading this) – celebrating can be as good as sex (!!)
•Men are….manly…when it comes to showing how they feel. When something good happens to a man only 54% crack just a smile! This statistic must stop when at the goal post!
•We are tactile creatures us women and like to share our celebratory mood with a hug!
•When we do actually manage to get our heads around celebrating, most of us (44%) say we do so in moderation; 26% say they are lively, spirited and ‘let it all hang out’, while just 20%) say they are the shy & retiring types!

And just to incite a little regional competition! Londoners it seems are more extroverted (33%) than Northerners (24%)

So, Ladies, if you want to be in the happy-healthy bunch, It’s time to start finding things to celebrate!

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