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Entertain the kids at home


We have loads of fun playing bingo as adults but for children, there is a real educational element to it and bingo is a creative fun way to entertain the children or indeed the grandkiddies.

No doubt, they will be mighty impressed with your resourcefulness at passing the time so here are some ideas:

Making The Bingo Cards
This is the ‘keep’um busy’ part of the process; each child will need a set of bingo cards and what better way to conjour them up but get them to take some time beautifully making their own set. Simply take a pieces of A4 card – divide the sheet into four rectangles, and on each rectangle, evenly divide the sheet with a pencil into 9 squares. Put the 9 numbers (from 1-50) in each square. If they’re eager to get on with the bingo game, they can jot them down simply or if you want to encourage the little artist, they can make a pretty design with a lovely set of felt tip pens. Cut along the four crease marks of your card so you have 4 cards and if you can – get them laminated as they will last and not get torn or sticky!.

You can also find some sites on the internet from which you can print off cards.

The Counters
Each child will also need about 9 counters, make that 12 (accounting for those that roll under the sofa never to be found again), you can pilfer these counters from the tiddly-wink set or buy a bag of buttons from the charity shop if you don’t have enough loose ones at home.

Cards & Counters – You’re good to go!
Let the games begin. Now, in order to encourage the learning aspect of the bingo game, why not call the numbers out as sums.

For example: Instead of saying
“2 fat ladies” why not say “6 x 2 – 1” or less complicated: “6 + 5”

All the sums will keep them busy and completing the bingo card – motivated!

Because the bingo lingo aspect of calling bingo numbers is such fun. To refresh your bingo lingo knowledge read more in our bingo lingo section, and then why not run through all the numbers called at the very end after the winner has called BINGO and give them something to giggle about.

Depending on the age of your children, the cards could have more than 9 numbers, the options are limitless.

So, get busy and have fun. They will love you for it.
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