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Lucky for some, unlucky for others...


Often, we donít think too deeply about the pursuits we love. But bingo as a theme is simply a minefield, both in terms of the reasons why we love to play it and whats happening in the industry at large.

In recent years Ė the popularity of online bingo has grown at a vociferous rate. It was once a pursuit that would illicit giggles and images of old ladies with rollers in the hair. An image at odds with todayís representations of online bingo as a game that appeals to men and women alike, from a breadth of ages and socio-economic groups.

In a time of economic downturn across the board, online bingo has experienced a growth, perhaps because in the UK at least, we are spending more time indoors as a result of having to tighten our belts. But online bingo looks set to continue growing and we can see this as companies ranging from those in the glossy magazine sector and TV break into online bingo as a new business.

It would seem, online bingo has in many respects answered the prayers of providers who seek new ways to generate alternate income streams in a time of economic hardship. But in the UK, we are lucky to have relatively relaxed laws which pertain to online bingo and other gambling pursuits. The story for bingo lovers in the USA is quite a different story.

The problems with residents of the USA playing online bingo rests with the complicated law passed in 2006. That said, the USA is by far the largest and one of the most energetic consumer markets with more registered users spending more bucks than any other country. As you can see from the Bingolines website and countless others, there are numerous bingo parlors that wonít allow players from the USA.

Lovers of online bingo from the USA are keen for new laws to be passed and the mutterings seem to be calling for a relaxation of gaming laws as a whole. But the law could swing either way and no one really knows where it will fall; of course, there are those who want to make loophole-free laws making all online gambling illegal while there those who want to see it regulated and heavily taxed. In any case, it is still possible to work around the restrictions of these laws and to profit from online bingo regardless of where you may live.

As of yet, the future of online bingo for players in the US is unknown. One thing is for certain though, and that is the certainty that the profile of the online bingo player will continue to grow and with this growth will come greater diversity, new technologies, games, and perhaps even laws - to meet these new demands.
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